Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tote me!

If you own a small breed you've probably glanced at those ugly nylon doggie totes that line the shelves of pet supply stores. Well look no more, Bowhaus has a wide array of cute totes that can hold up to 15 lb. dogs. And they're on sale at this week! Time to get one and tote your pup around town :-) Love that the straps are wide and can really accommodate the weight.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Move over Rudolph!

Brrrr, it sure is chilly these days, even in sunny California! I guess I need to explain my absence in posting for the past few months... first of all the dog I had reserved was canceled due to health issues found when she got spayed. Then I changed jobs in mid-Oct. without taking any breaks and I've just been working my butt off! But good news, I've been approved by a local breeder to adopt a puppy from her upcoming litter to be born in late Dec./early Jan.!! While my Coton de Tulear breed will be too big for this kind of attire, with the Christmas parties and festivities along the way, how about dressing up your lil' pup as Santa this year? Cute dog jacket in red and white are on sale at Trendy Puppy for only $14. Move over Rudolph, the pooches are driving the sled this year!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burberry Dog Collection

Apologies for the lapse in posting, I had a wonderful week in Santa Fe minus my laptop - pure bliss and liberating for sure! So here's a continuation of some high-end designer gear from the Sept. New York Pet Fashion Week.

Now that October is around the corner, don't you love those gorgeous chunky sweaters you're starting to see in boutiques everywhere? Well the pet collections are on top of their game too! This Burberry doggie sweater ($255) will surely keep your pampered pooch warm this winter, and would be a perfect compliment to your Burberry coat if you own one! It's knit a bit loosely so your dog feels cozy and comfy and will never go out of style as it's the trad Burberry design. Care to fetch one? They're only available in select Burberry boutiques so you'll need to inquire directly to see which location carries this in stock:1-866-589-0499 (open 24/7.)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

NY Pet Fashion Week Report - Hermès

Fall is the time for new designer collections and magazines get bulky with tons of new designer glam, yum!

Recently, pampered pooches are following the trend and now have their own runway show; the NY Pet Fashion Week. Aside from the "dog-walk" it includes awards for high design in the pet industry, and an exhibition of the best in “fragrances, grooming products, bedding, and toys.” I'll be featuring some uber-glam items from some of my favorite brands for a few days so stay tuned!! Window shopping is always free and maybe my doggie can audition for the next runway show :-)
If she can be a Super Model doggie she can afford to pay for her own designer glam. But first I'll need to have her practice her dog-walk :-) Know a good trainer?


Ahhh, the beauty and sophistication of
Hermès! I love this gorgeous blue as it reminds me of the beautiful beach in South France. Accented with the signature Hermes silver buckle, this collar and leash is to-die-for. Hermès was founded in 1837 as a saddlery company and gradually evolved into what it is today. They've transferred their knowledge of making saddles and reigns for horses into making collars and leashes for dogs. The dog collar and leash are made of rough togo leather in blue jean color, the collar comes with a Hermès lock which can be engraved with the name of the dog as well as owners contact information. The leash comes in standard sizes, whilst the collar must be custom made in order to perfectly fit the dog.

Leather dog leash, $550, leather dog collar, $550, both Hermès, visit or the NY Madison Ave. flagship store to order.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keep em' busy! Puzzles for Dogs

My friend and I were exchanging info on how to keep your dog busy and we saw this doggie puzzle at a pet shop the other day. It's a plush toy and comes in a few different styles and sizes. You're supposed to put the plush animals inside and your dog pulls them out and becomes "fascinated"!!! Really??? I'm not sure if the dog has a preference over squirrels or bees, but it sure is cute and I'm tempted to get one :-) They sell for $10.99 + up online and I imagine I'll have more fun than my dog!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Doggielicious fave site sale!

A stylish online dog retailer, GW Little, is having a one day sale! On Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 1) you can get 10% off at checkout if you use coupon code: LAZYDOG. Time to stock up for your doggie! The Teddy Hoodie for small dogs are totally adorable and on sale. These pink corduroy hoodies, lined and trimmed in luxurious faux fur, also feature a pocket with a removable squeaking teddy bear to stay with them wherever they roam. Button hole for harness attachment too! Awww, so cute!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lead Me!

"Mommy, mommy, it's time for my walk!! Arf, arf!"

I've come across a few of these Avant Garde retractable dog leashes in some pet boutiques and bumped into a design that I just couldn't resist. The handle is very well designed and ergonomically easy to hold, and the retractable leash locks with a click. Five stars for a well-designed, yet very practical doggie lead for $39. My small lead extends up to 9 ft. and holds up to 14 lbs. (I think they have larger sizes too.) The black nylon lead matches any collar or harness design, and is also nice in the rainy weather.
I bought the pink Prep design, but they have more macho designs like Rambo shown here. Go to the website to check the designs and shop! You can get a 15% off coupon if you sign up on their site.